How do the power modes work?

Our Buzzbike-EZ has three different modes so you can change your riding experience to suit your journey. You can choose from 3 different modes while you’re riding. To select a different mode just push the button on the top tube. The button will light up in a different colour to show that you’ve chosen a different mode. After a few seconds it will go back to green. Don’t worry, it hasn’t changed out of the mode you selected.

The modes are:

  • Eco (Cyan) – Reduces motor power to maximise battery range up to 110km
  • Sport (Blue) – Middle power and range up to 90km
  • Turbo (Purple) – Maximum power. Range is reduced to around 70km

How to power up: 

  • Press and hold to power on and off
  • Double tap to toggle lights on and off
  • Quick press to select power modes: (1)Eco, (2)Sport, (3)Turbo

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