How does the battery work?

Our Buzzbike-EZ is equipped with a premium removable battery located in the downtube. It also powers the front and rear lights so you don’t need to worry about charging those separately. 

The battery capacity is 10.5Ah/360Wh giving you a range of 70-110 km depending on the mode you are in and how you ride. It takes 5-6 hours to charge fully. 

The battery is lockable but also removable for safe keeping. We advise that you always remove the battery when parking your Buzzbike-EZ and take it with you. 

Battery safety and care

Like all batteries, your Buzzbike-EZ battery needs to be treated carefully. 

Your Buzzbike-EZ is designed for all weather so don’t worry if it gets wet while riding. If the battery tube gets wet with the battery removed,  dry the battery connectors with a cloth or tissue before plugging it back in place. 

It is possible for the battery to cause a fire, explosion or hazard if the battery is connected to an incompatible system. Do not open, disassemble or pierce the battery as this can lead to short circuits, leaks, fires or explosions. If

the battery falls to the ground, or has a hard knock, do not continue to use it. Report this to Rider Happiness immediately. You may be charged a replacement fee for the battery so it’s important to take care of it. 

Only use the original charger supplied with the battery, otherwise it can lead to an explosion or permanent damage. You can request a charger replacement if you lose your charger, but you’ll be charged a replacement fee for that. Check out our part replacement fees here

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