Maintenance: how to do an ABC check

Get into the good habit of doing an ABC check before you hop on your Buzzbike or Buzzbike-EZ. 

A is for Air: Keeping tyres pumped up to the right level gives you a smoother and easier ride, as well as helps to prevent punctures. Buzzbike tyres should be pumped up to 80PSi. Top up your tyres at most petrol stations or use the public bike pump stations set up around the city. 

B is for Brakes: Look to see that your brake pads and cables are not worn down. For hand brakes, give them a squeeze to check cable tightness. The brake lever should stop 2 fingers’ width from your handlebar. If it can be squeezed to almost touching your handlebar, it’s time for some new brakes. 

C is for Chain: 

If you’re riding a Buzzbike, always check that your chain is clean (free of gunk) and lubricated (rust-free). Spin your pedals and pull on your cranks to ensure they are not loose or do not wiggle from side to side. 

If you’re riding a Buzzbike-EZ, the Carbon Belt Drive fitted to your Buzzbike-E runs without oil or grease meaning it will never stain your clothes. It will also run near silently and smoothly for life with virtually zero maintenance. Please do not lubricate the belt with oil. Just clean it with water if it gets visibly clogged with mud or other dirt.

Bike maintenance and repairs are included in your membership. Book a bike professor appointment through the Buzzbike app.

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Here’s a quick video demonstrating the ABC check:

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